Jeg sitter i det eneste hyggelige huset jeg har boet i – i Åsgårdstrand

Munch’s art

The years after

The Women on the Bridge, 1933 (c) Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen BONO 2013

After the purchase of the house in 1898 change Munch’s motifs and focus in his art, he begins now more interest in the everyday, and for the people who lived here. Both they and the property now serves as becoming … Continue reading

Frieze of Life

Bade parken

The Dance of Life belongs to a series called the Frieze of Life. This frieze was intended as a series of freely adjoining pictures, which would give a clear view of life and the situation of modern man. Munch wrote: … Continue reading

Munchs time in Åsgårdstrand

Munch-parken i Måneskinn. Foto: Nils A. Kavli-Borge

Edvard Munch painted many of his masterpieces in Åsgårdstrand, such as The Bridge, Four girls in Åsgårdstrand and The Dance of Life. These are now on view in major international art galleries.

The early years

Summer Night, Inger on the Beach, 1889 (c) Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BONO 2013

    It’s shoreline that immediately catches Munch’s interest this first time in Åsgårdstrand. More paintings from 1889 and 1890 shows how he is dealing with this, closest to familiarize themselves with it. Images are however in a completely different … Continue reading