Jeg sitter i det eneste hyggelige huset jeg har boet i – i Åsgårdstrand

About Munch

_DSC7285From the mid-1880s Munch spent several summers in the little coastal town of Åsgårdstrand on the western shore of Oslo Fjord.

This was where Munch experienced an affair with a married woman which would inspire many of his love motifs from the early 1890s.

Åsgårdstrand and the coastal landscape at Borre, the light summer nights and undulating coastline form the backgrounds for paintings such as Melancholy, Two People, The Voice and Separation.

In 1898 Munch bought a little house in Åsgårdstrand and the town became an important source of inspiration for him the rest of his life. The house was his only permanent residence until 1909, and it has been preserved with Munch’s original furnishings. The Girls on the Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most famous motifs from Åsgårdstrand.

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