Jeg sitter i det eneste hyggelige huset jeg har boet i – i Åsgårdstrand

Other artists

The second half of the 1880s was Åsgårdstrand described as Norway’s answer to Skagen,Denmark. In the 1880s and 90s, we find names such as Hans Heyerdahl, Charles Uchermann, Oda Krogh, Christian Krogh, Fritz Thaulow, Edvard Diriks, Kitty Kielland, Jan Ekenæs, and Even Ulving.

In the first decades of the 1900s increased the flow of artists, Ludvig Karsten Munch visited several times, and later Rudolfph Thygesen, Thorolf Holmboe, Arne Kavli, Henrik Lund and Pola Gauguin. Furthermore Ola Abrahamsson and brothers and Bjarne Sigurd Eriksen. Several of these are represented in the National Gallery.

Forrige artikkelÅsgårdstrand anno 1900 Neste artikkelFrieze of Life